Civil Legal Advice and Resource Office

All in-person CLARO programs are cancelled due to COVID-19 until further notice. Manhattan CLARO is currently providing some legal advice by telephone to a limited number of individuals with consumer debt issues. If you are experiencing a consumer debt issue in Manhattan, contact us at (347) 927-3417 or For consumer debt issues in other counties, please visit the county-specific webpages for more information.


We recommend that you contact CLARO as soon as you become aware that there is a case against you, if possible before filing your Answer with the Court. If you have already filed your Answer don't worry, just contact CLARO as soon as you can - the earlier the better. And if you only realize there's a case against you once a default judgment has been entered and your wages or bank account are being garnished, it's not too late - CLARO can still help.

How to find us

Please see note above regarding in-person services. All CLARO operations at the New York County Civil Courthouse are suspended.

Times: Thursday 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.

  Location: New York City Civil Courthouse
111 Centre Street
Room 105

Due to the high volume of visitors, CLARO cannot guarantee that everyone will be seen and we recommend you sign in as early as possible.

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For further information

If you have any questions about the Manhattan CLARO program we'd be happy to answer them. Please contact:

Feerick Center for Social Justice at Fordham Law School
‪(347) 927-3417‬

What to Bring:

  • A complete copy of your court file, which you can get from the Clerk's Office
  • Any court documents you have
  • Any other documents relating to your debt